22 Nov 2010

Bond No 9 Perfume Gold EDP

They say it's oud, rose, tonka and musk. I say it's generic Escada poured into a fancy, golden bottle with a ridiculous price. Sideword: Escada tends to be much nicer. This one isn't even strong! I am sooo disappointed!
The only reasonable explanation I can come up with for THIS is that somebody swapped my samples. But that's impossible, as I unwrapped this useless vial right from the golden cellophane. Cheap sweats!
Creator: Laurent Le Guernec
Year: 2010
Rate: -10/-10

9 Jun 2010

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Artificial green apple that lasts for hours. This is definitely not what we expect from Chanel. Octavian writes: “Chance Eau Tendre is the shampoo version with double C.” Well, my shampoo smells better.
Creator: Jacques Polge
Year: 2010
Rate: -9/-10